Welcome to Varied Expressions of Worship

Welcome to Varied Expressions of Worship

This blog will be written from an orthodox Christian point of view. There may be some topic that is out of bounds, but at present I don't know what it will be. Politics is a part of life. Theology and philosophy are disciplines that we all participate in even if we don't think so. The Bible has a lot to say about economics. How about self defense? Is war ethical? Think of all the things that someone tells you we should not touch and let's give it a try. Everything that is a part of life should be an expression of worship.

Keep it courteous and be kind to those less blessed than you, but by all means don't worry about agreeing. We learn more when we get backed into a corner.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Opus 2022-153: A Question for the Ages

Does God have free will?

There is a debate on whether humans have free will or whether everything is preconditioned.  In psychology you have the behaviorists.  In theology you have the Five Point Calvinists.  It is a good question.

How does that apply to God, assuming you believe in God.  Can God really do anything He wants or is He locked in.  When you think that the God of the Bible exists outside time and does not move through it like we do, you wonder how much choice He has.  He sees the entire span of existence.  He knows what was, was is and what will be.  Can He change anything or is He trapped in the unfolding?

This would be a consideration in the discussion of miracles as well as salvation.  

Sorry.  My mind goes off on strange tangents at times.  I feel like God pats me on the head and says, “There, there, you will be fine after a nice nap.”

homo unius libri

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Opus 2022-152: A Losing Formula

I am happy to say that a shortage of baby formula will not, nor would not, effect my immediate family.  I understand that it has become the norm but understand that “baby formula” did not exist before the advent of women going to work to subsidize the dream of affluence.

To my knowledge my children never tasted any kind of baby formula.  As far as I know my grandchildren are the same.  Of course that meant that we bought used cars and often shopped in thrift stores but those were trade-off we were willing to accept.

I remember reading or hearing the theory that the American Indians were defeated the day they accepted their first steel knife.  They gave up their independence and eventually came to depend on modern technology that they could not duplicate.  Maybe we can say the same for the mothers of America, and the world.

I have not done a search but there might be some place on the web where they will tell you the ingredients for making you own baby formula.  I assume that most families depending on commercial substitutes are past the time where nursing is an option.

One of the tangents my mind takes is how modern Proregressives* are all for killing babies in the womb and this is just a back up plan.  No, I don’t actually think they are that clever.

homo unius libri

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Opus 2022-151: Buddy, Got a Light?

What will be the match that lights the dynamite?

We watched as the sitting president of the United States was banned from the public square.  We remained calm.  We moved from blue to red.

We watched thugs destroying our cities and being turned loose without even a slap on the hand.  We remained calm.  We stopped shopping downtown.

We saw a befuddled old man who never left his basement become the most popular president in history.  We remained calm.  We checked our boxes of projectiles.

We saw citizens being incarcerated for a year for the crime of misdemeanor trespass on January 6.  We remained calm.  We cleaned our personal protection devices.

Some day we will not remain calm.  What will it take?

Will it be the storm troopers showing up in your neighborhood to enforce the fascist speech codes proclaimed by the Ministry of Truth?  Or perhaps when they nail shut the doors of your church because the pastor mentioned the Bible’s position on something like homosexuality?

Will it be the Famine Prevention Police who come to search your house to see if you are hoarding food?

Will it go south when you return home and find out that the local police have raided your home and confiscated all your firearms and ammunition for the common safety?

What will it take to light the match?  I have two hopes.  I hope I never find out.  I hope that if it comes I will be more than a political couch potato.

Speak up while you can.

homo unius libri

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Opus 2022-150: Weight Loss Suggestions

Do you have a family member who is struggling with their weight?  I have some suggestions on how you can help based on my experiences of the last few days.

Don’t make pizza at home.  If you do, don’t ask if they want some.  This is a double-whammy.  On one side it is hard to say “no” to the smell and appearance.  Strong will power is not a part of the personality of overweight people.  On the other side you don’t want to hurt the cook’s feelings by rejecting their effort and offering.  Rationalization never runs out of kinks.

Don’t make lemon-blueberry layer cake and text, with a picture, that you are bring some by the next day.

Don’t buy bags of chips and such and leave them around, open, on the counter.

Who knows?  Perhaps if you are a little more careful in removing temptation from the dieter you might find yourself losing a few inches too.  Not that you need to, I’m just saying.

homo unius libri

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Opus 2022-149: Pick Your Thorn

The Apostle Paul talked about his thorn in the flesh.  You may have heard the term and not know where it came from.  Here it is if you have not read it recently.

(2Co 12:7-9 KJV)  And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.  For this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me.  And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
I would suggest that each of us has one.  It is probable that some have more than one.  

We cannot pick what it will be.  That might be nice but it isn’t going to happen.  It might help if we could identify and admit what our thorn is.  Take a minute to think about what yours is, or could be.  Paul was not clear what his was.  I tend to think it was physical.  Some speculate epilepsy or stammering.  We don’t know.  Yours could be physical.  It could be a family member or a business associate.  It could be debt or lack of education.  Whatever you might think it is you need to understand that you can’t get rid of it.

But you can get stronger because of it.  That is the point God is making.  Our thorn gives God an opportunity to work through us and accomplish things we could never do it we didn’t have the handicap.  

You don’t think it is fair that you have to deal with ______?  If you knew you had to have a thorn, what would you pick if you could?  Would you trade with someone else?  Would that be any better?  

Be like Paul.  Face your limitations but don’t let them limit you.  Let God help you change your attitude and how you overcome.  He is waiting.

homo unius libri

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Opus 2022-148: Headlines: The Sweep Begins

Leak from the Supreme Court:  Is it a new level of corrupting the rule of law or is it conservatives beginning to play by the new rules.  Or is it both since that fits the leftist playbook perfectly?

I think it is obvious that the Proregressives* are playing for keeps.  This is like playing the game of Risk and deciding you are going to sweep the board, except this is not a game.  When they are finished destroying the rule of law and the protections our Constitution was supposed to give us there will be nothing left to celebrate.  They are the kind of people who want to win and if they can’t win then they will do everything in their power to make sure that you don’t win either.

They ideas behind the leftist elites are the same that have destroyed governments and civilizations down through history.  They are looters and barbarians who are quite willing to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs as long as they get a drumstick and the eggs already laid.  They love revolution because revolutions have a habit of leaving everyone starving to death except the well armed elites and they are then forced to go look for some more hard working peasants to raid and leave starving.  

They will not be happy until the peace loving Americans who happen to be armed raise in protest.  They think they have their ducks in a row to knock us down and grind us into the dust.  It could be they are right.  If responsible Americans in positions of influence don’t start standing up then it will be all over.  They have been working on this a long time.  We are going to be living in what the theoretically Chinese curse calls interesting times.

We have elections coming.  Don’t vote for Democrats.  If you still have a primary or run-off don’t vote for any Rhino on the ballet.  You may not love Trump but I think you can count on his endorsement being for people who want to make us America again.

While you are waiting to vote keep speaking up.  Speak up in church, the grocery store lines, the bank, the doctor’s office.  Speak up anywhere there is another human being.

Speak up while you still have a chance.

*(Liberals, educators, the media, socialists, communists, crony capitalists, elites, Rinos, Democrats, leftists, Never Trumpers, Antifa, BLM, MSM, Deep State, etc.  Synonym for swamp dwellers)

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-147: Wildflower Watch: After the Rain

It is kind of like Genesis 1, and God said, “Let there be rain lilies.”  And there was.  They seemed to pop up from nothing and are covering not only our hill but the side of the road.  Nice.

They are called rain lilies because they show up after a rain.  We have them in our yard and all over the hill.

The prickly pear cactus are also starting to bloom.

homo unius libri

Friday, May 6, 2022

Opus 2022-146: Common Common

As I scanned the offerings on my I-pad from You Tube I saw a clip with a discussion between Joe Rogan and Bill Maher.  It was only about ten minutes and the topic was “common sense” so I took a chance.  I didn’t have much confidence that Maher had any idea what it means but maybe Rogan would.  

What was fascinating to me is that both of them think of themselves as centrist types of guys.  Maher didn’t say anything that made me think he was anything more than a left winger who is not the cutting edge of liberalism any more.  He seemed to be channeling Dennis Prager because he repeated something Prager has been saying for years, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party.  It left me.”  Rogan’s comments made me think he has less potential than I had hoped.  

Common sense is one of those things that many people talk about but each means something different.  My common sense is not your common sense.  What seems obvious to me is nonsense to you.  It is obvious to me that if you pass a law against carrying a firearm the only ones who will pay attention to the law are those who could be trusted to carry.  It is clear that making murder a hate crime is meaningless as a method of reducing crime.  On a more mundane level, if you eat a few chips out of a bag then you should seal it up to keep the remainder crisp.  Is this brain surgery?

I actually think that there is a common common sense.  The problem is in the definition of the golden rule.  Traditionally the golden rule was along the line that Jesus shared,

(Mat 7:12 KJV)  Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.
Different cultures and religions express it is different ways but it is understood.

Modern thinking has changed the golden rule to things like,
He who owns the gold makes the rules.

Do unto others, then cut out.
People tend to quote Jesus and live according to the wag version.  It is not a lack of knowledge but a lack of willingness.  We could transform the country and the world if people would simply start living by what they know to be right.

homo unius libri

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Opus 2022-145: Problems with Growing Up

I have enjoyed science fiction since I discovered it in 7th grade at the school library.  It made my reading come alive.  From their I eventually launched out into other genres but science fiction replaced Dr. Seuss in my life.  I would like to say I never looked back but that is no longer true.

The glow began to dim when the science based fiction began to be replaced by fantasy based.  Some was well done but much became a case of deus ex machina solutions presented by the freedom to make up your own magic spells.  Then, as more women began to be published the macho space opera started to be touchy-feely emotional dramas.  Eventually I went back to reading some of the stuff I started on and was frustrated because I was reading with a mature mind rather than someone emerging out of childhood.  I found that there was a lot more occult assumptions and sexual innuendo than I saw first time through.  I became grateful that I had not seen it the first time or I would have turned out a different person.  Whether you think that is good or bad doesn’t matter.

I am now being force into ever greater suspension of belief in order to read modern science fiction.  It started with what I called the “Star Wars Effect.”  I could overlook the X-Wing fighters doing WWI bi-plane rolls in a vacuum because I liked the special effects and enjoyed the story.  I had a hard time reading the books because The Force became the old deus ex machina routine that was totally inconsistent and just pushing Eastern religion down our throats.  

I am now facing another disenchantment.  When I first heard about the fine tuning of the universe I was able to go on with my enjoyment of aliens from outer space and establishing colonies in other solar systems.  I was able to deal with the cognitive dissonance because I enjoyed the stories.  That tension is getting harder to maintain.  I ran into it reading a book by Eric Flint and coming across this statement,

“That much was true, he had to concede.  Out of all the extrasolar planets found to harbor significant life, one-half had a biosphere that was, astonishingly, compatible with Earthly...lifeforms.”  pp. 32-33.
This book was written in 2015.  At that point there was already a growing pool of scientific knowledge that made such things nonsense.  In his book Is Atheism Dead?, Eric Mataxas recalls how Carl Sagan used to say there were only two requirements for life on other planets.  I can remember hearing Sagan saying “billions and billions” with that accent of his.  The problem is that by 2015 science was discovering hundreds of requirements in order for life to exist.

Metaxas then says,
“Eventually, the conditions science reckoned necessary for life had risen so high that the idea that life existed anywhere at all - as it obviously did on our planet - seemed more and more miraculous, and then even outlandish.  It didn’t make sense that we existed.” p. 40
I won’t say my life has been shattered.  I will say that the writing has to be better for me to be able to get into the story.  I can still suspend belief enough to enjoy Honor Harrington or Prince Roger but that is because of the author’s skill.  We just both agree to ignore the impossible.  A similar thing used to happen every week when my family would watch Perry Mason.  Each week he would get the guilty party to break down and confess.  We went to bed happy.  Now I know that the confession would have not been admissible in court.  The same can be said about a lot of modern cop shows.

Flint, Eric and Spoor, Ryk E.  Castaway Planet.  New York:  Baen, 2015.

Metaxas, Eric.  Is Atheism Dead?.  Washington, D.C.:  Salem Books, 2021.

homo unius libri

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Opus 2022-144: Election 2022: Share the Vision

I am wondering if I could find anyone in Texas who would admit to voting for Joe Biden.  Where did that question come from?  It seems to me that everyone I talk to agrees with the basic positions that Trump took.  They may be a bit turned off by the “mean tweets”, whatever that means, but they always say he did what he promised.

So where are these people?  I know Texas went for Trump but according to the reports there were millions of us that checked the Biden Box.  Or did they?  If they did they have done a good job of making themselves invisible.

We are now moving toward our runoffs.  In November we have the mid-term elections.  We need to swamp the mindless and parasites with such a strong turn out that they can’t even cheat and win.

Pray that the God who drowned Pharaoh and his army will bring out the righteous.  Talk about what you believe in restaurants, church, doctor’s offices, grocery stores and any other place you might run into someone who is briefly out from under their rock.  Share your vision for America.

Elections matter.

homo unius libri

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Opus 2022-143: Says Who

On a recent Zoom meeting we were discussing what we can do about the things going wrong all around us.  The consensus seemed to be, very little.  Who is going to listen to a bunch of old men?

But there was a note of hope and it was based in our hope.  We talk to many people as we go through out day.  If nothing else, us old people talk to a lot of medical professionals from the receptionist to the specialist.  We tend to waste that time talking about nonsense or carping about politics.  Maybe we should target using that time to share why we are not depressed:  We have a hope.  One verse I like that relates to this is,

(1Pe 3:15 NAS77) but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence;
This assumes that we have an outlook on life that is rooted in the hope of Jesus as Lord.  It demands that we cultivate attitudes that radiate that hope.  It means that we can share why we are not panicked over what is coming like gangbusters.  We may be preppers, in fact we should be but we are preppers with a hope.  We buy extra food in case we need it, not because our hope is in a can.  It is so we can be in a position to extend the love of Jesus in an emergency not to guarantee that we will be untouchable.

The man who shared this had just spent months in the hospital with extensive work being done on his heart and kidneys.  He is still looking at kidneys that don’t want to function correctly.  The doctor said he would be that way until he dies.  He is rejoicing and expecting and sharing about the hope he has no matter how long his kidneys last.  His obvious security and positive outlook caused a dissonance that caused people to ask him to give an account of the hope that is in him.

We can do the same.

homo unius libri

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Opus 2022-142: American Babylon

I was reading Jeremiah 51 and almost had my mind go into neutral during a description of the wrath of God coming down on Babylon.  I have read this kind of proclamation before.  Although I consider myself a realist and was recently called a cynic, I am not into doom and gloom.  I tend to read prophetic announcements and then go on to things that I think make a difference.

That is not the norm for some Christians.  We often hear about how Babylon is the Roman Catholic church and the EU is the 10 horned beast.  One consistent thing mentioned literally is the fact that Babylon destroyed Israel.  Eventually Babylon was destroyed for what they did to God’s people.

The modern left is all in to desert modern Israel.  You even have a lot of American Jews who are not willing to support it.  If the United States ever hangs Israel out to dry, will we become Babylon?  Will all of these terrible calamities descend on us?  Read these verses,

(Gen 12:1-3 KJV)  Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee:  And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:  And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.
It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  

homo unius libri

Friday, April 29, 2022

Opus 2022-141: Book Review: Why Bother

I tried a new author.  His name is Andrzej Sapkowski and the book was The Tower of Fools.  I got as far as page 116 out of 549 and decided I was too old to waste any more time.

The author wrote well and threw in a bit of humor.  I still did not finish the book.

The book is one of those synergisms of historical fiction mixed with fantasy.  Or it was fantasy set in a historical setting.  You choose.  As far as I could tell the author was well versed in the time leading up to the Protestant Reformation.  He threw out exotic names which I would assume were fairly accurate.  He understood the theology and church politics of the era.  

My problem is what I find in a lot of modern fiction.  None of the characters were worth caring about.  The supposed hero had a few things going for him:  Youth, looks and medical training.  Unfortunately it was molded in the first 116 pages of nothing but adultery, murder, lies and theft.  Even his medical training was mainly a disguise for being a wizard.  His charms and hexes had already bailed him of out several situation.  Deus ex machina.  

I kept waiting for him to share some behavior that was better than a five year old in a candy store, but it was not to be.  

I will keep looking and meanwhile go back to The Brothers Karamazov.

homo unius libri

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Opus 2022-140: Q and A, part 2, the A

Questions come in many forms.  Then you have the answers.

Some answers are right.  Some are wrong.  Some are “It depends.”  Some are personal.  Some questions have no answer.  

Just because the question is true/false doesn’t mean it is easy to answer.  Consider the issue of so-called “global warming”.  There are a series of questions which should only require a true/false answer but each one leads to another.  To get a real answer requires a series of correct responses.  At any point a negative answer should stop the entire series.

Question one:  Is the earth warming?
Question two:  Is the warming part of a constantly repeating cycle?
Question three:  Is the warming caused by the actions of humans (anthropomorphic)?  
Question four:  Does warming make a significant difference?
Question five:  Is there anything that can be done by people to change the warming?

I am sure that you could think of other questions that might be important.  Of course it is possible that none of them are important and the whole thing is just a solution, socialist utopia, looking for a problem, anything people will fall for.

That brings up an other question:  Is an answer important?  Think about a lot of possible scientific research.  Imagine dedicating your life to finding out if there are any duplicate snow flakes.  I am sure that you have heard that every snowflake is unique.  Now I am hearing that there are repeats.  Would you like to spend your life trying to find out which is the correct answer?  If you say “Yes” don’t bother getting back to me with the results.  My questions are not your questions.

I think there is a progression of answers because people are usually not satisfied with what they hear.  Eventually you are forced to multiple choice.  That evolves into short answers and essays.  You don’t believe me?  Take a child on a cross country trip and try to get away with a simple answer.  Invariably the child will ask, “Why?”

To complicate the situation, an answer that is right today may be wrong tomorrow.  Things change.  Situations evolve.  Knowledge grows.  Gullibility evaporates.  That is part of what makes life so interesting.

And questions?

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-139: Q and A, Part 1, the Q

I have heard Eric Metaxas joke during his Q/A times that he prefers true/false questions.  There are times when I would agree with that.

We all have our Q/A times.  Some live in them perpetually.  Others manage to avoid them for extended periods.  There are many types of questions and they often depend on the personality of the inquisitor as much as the desired information.  

Some questions are true/false.  You might think of them as yes/no.  There is really no middle ground.  Do you want cream in your coffee?  Are you pregnant?  Then there are the questions that used to be rhetorically true that have morphed into rhetorically false like “Is the Pope a Catholic?”

Some questions are multiple choice.  We need to admit that often the choices are not limited to two no matter how simple the request is intended.  Think of a menu when you go out to eat.  You have to make choices.  Even when you select an item, such as a steak instead of Brussel sprouts you still need to decide how you want it cooked and if you want it covered in sauteed mushrooms.  You say you want to major in music?  What style or instrument?  One of my favorites when I was a teacher was whether I wanted to be hung, shot or starved to death.  I was never actually asked that but the attitude was the same.

It can get more complex than that.

Some questions are short answer.  Some questions are essays.  Often the essay questions start as true/false, expand to multiple choice and end up being a long drawn-out journey down memory lane.  I generally don’t ask my wife where the salad tongs are because I want to eat the salad before the lettuce wilts.  If I can’t find them myself I will use a couple of forks, or, if no one is looking, my hands.  

Some questions are rhetorical.  Is it possible any more to be a Democrat and a patriotic American?  Should Hillary be in Jail?  You know the kind of thing I am talking about.  

To be concluded...

homo unius libri

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Opus 2022-138: Be Post-Hanlon

By now I am sure that most of you, being intelligent conservatives who seek out non-fake news, have come across the many reactions to Elon Musk buying Twitter.  One of the clearest statements of hating American freedom was on MSNBC and is discussed on The Daily Wire.  I think this is a good time to refute conventional wisdom.

I refer to Hanlon’s Razor.  It says,

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
I think people who believe in traditional concepts of morality need to get a grip and embrace the proper understanding of that concept in modern American media and Proregressive* politics.  It does not have a place.  I suggest that we instead start chanting,
“Don’t attribute to ignorance what is clearly evil.”
Don’t make excuses.  Don’t try to be understanding.  It doesn’t work with these people.  The reason they study the rules of a game is to figure out how to cheat.  They always want to be the banker in Monopoly and the dealer in card games.  We need to maintain our standards.  Be honest.  Embrace truth.  At the same time we need to look at their track record.  Someone who has lied to you consistently for years is not going to suddenly become honest.

Accept it.  They are evil, not misguided.

homo unius libri

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Opus 2022-137: Worse Than Facebook Jail

On the topic of persecution.  I believe it is coming.  The easy life we have known as Christians is under attack and I expect it to get nasty.

We talk about persecution but we really don’t know what it means.  Some people think getting put in Facebook Jail is persecution.  I guess it is in a sense but it is a long way from watching your children being fed to lions.  And let’s face it, it is also a badge of honor.  I am sometimes humiliated that I have never written anything to get me banned from Facebook.  One problem might be that I don’t have a Facebook account.  

Much of the persecution we face is so far off the radar that we don’t even know it happened.  I remember that I almost did not get a teaching job because I was a Christian.  I didn’t find out about it until years later but they seriously thought about saying, “No thanks.”  Unfortunately for them they were really desperate so I hung around 29 years.  There is no way of knowing how many other times in life we have been denied something we were qualified for because of our faith.  Does that qualify as persecution?  It brings to mind the old question about the tree falling in the forest with no one around.

I think that the first thrust of felt persecution will come from within the church.  The pagan pastors and church leaders will lead the charge to purge their church social clubs of anyone that actually believes the truths that mark the Christian.  If you are a pastor in some denominations and preach against homosexuality then you will be in trouble with both the DA and the bishop.  My wife is convinced that some denominations are cooperating with the government by turning over membership lists and associated data.

The vaccine mandates came close and that battle doesn’t seem to be over yet.  I remember reading about people advocating a need for proof of vaccination in order to buy food.  Think of New York City.  I don’t know how accurate the reports are but without “the card” you were not allowed in many businesses.  

Can it be avoided?  I think so.  All it would require is for the church to get back to being the church and for revival to break out.  God has held back His judgement before.  He might do it again.  

Or this could actually be the end times.  Finally.  

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-136: On the Road: Off the Road

I just returned from my uncle’s 90th birthday celebration.  It turned into a family reunion and it was of the best sort.  My brothers came and I was able to at least say hello to all the cousins I remember.  There was a constant medley of different types of foods and plenty of tables to sit at.  Someone had games and who knows what else for the children too young to care about relatives.  It was a good day and a good trip.  The whole journey took about five days.

One of the great things about events like this is I can relax and tell all my stories without worrying about whether I have told them before.  People there were too polite to correct me, to forgetful to know it was better this time or had never heard it before.  Paradise for old geezers.  A whole day without being concerned about my memory, at least as long as I keep circulating.

homo unius libri

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Opus 2022-135: Bloopers Becoming Bloomers

A famous quote is attributed to Edison, “I have not failed 10,000 times—I've successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”  I wonder how long he had to ponder to come up with that response.  Maybe he had to answer to his failure 10,000 times before he found the one we remember.

Success too early can be a foundation for failure.  I think of all the one-hit wonders who recorded music when I was a kid.  Or think of the child actors who went on to supreme mediocrity for the rest of their lives.  Their only contributions today are those click bait pictures on the web pages telling you how shocked you will be at what they look like now.  

Just because something doesn’t work does not mean it was a failure.  If the failure caused pain that will certainly remind you not to do it again.  If you were trying something that required a turn to the right and you went left you found the secret to success.  You also don’t know the long term effects of what you have done.  God created Adam and Eve and they failed.  It was the result of free will, was a mistake for the first couple but not a failure on God’s part.  Jesus would have been considered a failure on Good Friday but His resurrection changed the world.  

So hang in there.  Your children may be less that a source of pride today but that doesn’t mean the groundwork was not laid for late bloomers.  Sometimes it is the crisis that brings out the hero.

homo unius libri

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Opus 2022-134: The Singular Their

Normally I would stop reading at this point but I am nearing the end of the third book in a series when the cultural brainwashing made its first appearance.  See if you can pick out what might irritate me in this quote,

“The slender person - who preferred to be neither called he nor she – started.  ‘Sorry, Captain,’ Tip said, and brushed their slightly-nonregulation red hair out of their eyes.” p. 284
My alarms went off at the third word.  I remember specifically noting before that the books did not seem to be pushing any of the current cultural perversions.  That held true for the first two books and 77.8 percent of the third one.  Then, wham!  It is almost like this was written by someone else.  It is awkward and stilted.  It is also politically correct.

The first book in the series was published in 2015.  This one is five years later.  Eric Flint is a successful science fiction author.  I would think he had the clout and courage to be his own man but I am afraid that the editors pushed this one through with their progressive style book.

It is getting harder and harder to find things to read that are not filled with nonsense like pronoun preference and other cultural manipulation.  I  have been moving to classics and non-fiction.  Much of what I am reading I get from Project Gutenberg.  I wonder how long it will be until the cultural algorithms start reworking all the old stuff that is preserved in electronic form.

Censorship has many forms and the most evil is changing the words of the past.  With the right coding you can change anything with little evidence.

As the meme poster said, Big Non-Gender Specific Person is watching you.

Flint, Eric and Spoor, Ryk E.  Castaway Resolution  New York:  Baen, 2020.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-133: A Good Resource

I have been listening to William Lane Craig off and on for over ten years.  When I used to walk and listen to my I-pod I was able to put in a lot of time with his wisdom.  His website it called Reasonable Faith.  If you have never heard of him you might find his approach valuable.  He is one of those guys with multiple Ph.D.’s and is well versed in both science and theology.

One of his talks called “Does Modern Cosmology Prove the Existence of God?” popped up on my I-pad and I stopped to listen.  One of the reasons I like listening to people like Craig is that they know what they are talking about and they also know what the opposition is talking about.  That is a great combination.  On this podcast they were reviewing an article by a scientist whom I assume is well known and they were able to point out that the arguments he was putting forth had been refuted for years and yet he was acting like he was cutting edge.

This is why we need people like William Lane Craig.  It is easy for us laymen to get snowed by terms like quantum physics and not know what they are talking about.  Craig just smiles and goes on to quote the experts in the field.

Take a few moments and see what he has to say.  

homo unius libri

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Opus 2022-132: Zoom: Don’t Forget the Difference

I am part of a group of old men who meet on Zoom twice a week.  We are from several states though most live in California.  We have a wide range of education and experience.  The discussion this week was not optimistic.  I would venture a guess that you don’t need to ask, “Why?”

I found myself wondering if we are moving into the end times.  I am not a big proponent of prophecy and signs.  I believe that the end will come.  Jesus will return.  There will be a rapture and a New Jerusalem.  My general attitude is that there are more important things to focus on.  We should live such a way that we are ready to go but plan in such a way that it isn’t now.  If you look back through history the hysteria about the end is very common.

I am not sure if we are in the end times.  I am not saying we aren’t.  There is some strong evidence in the existence of the nation of Israel.  I am convinced that we are definitely heading for a time of persecution.  Perversion and selfishness are rampant.  The people with power are into themselves instead of serving the country.  The church as the church is almost non-existent.  The preachers and church leaders are into feeling good and fitting in rather than declaring truth.  I expect to see the day when churches are shut down and believers arrested for believing and speaking about what the Bible says.

At the same time I felt a sense of excitement.  We may face persecution.  Let me reword that, we WILL face persecution.  I do not look forward to it but I believe it will be a time when we will find out what we really believe.  Always remember that we persecution comes repeatedly while the end only comes once.

Don’t confuse the two.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-131: Technology Fast

The pastor was presenting something he called a “Technology Fast.”  The local pastors’ association was asking people to get away from their electronics until the National Day of Prayer.  It is not a bad idea but it would be a bit more complex than just going without.  Most people could not be expected to not use a phone as a phone.  Perhaps there could be a time limit for some conversations but if you are checking up on your widowed aunt it hardly qualifies as addiction to electronics.  It would definitely apply to the families you see in restaurants with each person engrossed in a screen.

It makes me think about my electronics and the way I use them.  I am writing this on a laptop.  Would it be more spiritual to pull out my typewriter instead?  Actually it would be impossible because I got rid of my typewriter decades ago.  I would be glad to not use my alarm clock.  Does reading The Brothers Karamazov on my Kindle count as technology?  In a way I would love a reason to stop reading that.  I am not sure I would benefit from this fast.

It occurred to me that at one point printed Bibles were cutting edge technology.  The same could be said of so many things such as the iron plow, steel shovels and most of the tools people use every day.  How about the pain killers at the dentist?  We live in a technological age.  Picture fixing dinner without electric lights, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, or any of the many labor saving devices we are accustomed to using.  

Maybe we should combine this fast with a daily listing of thanksgiving for all the blessings that we receive from technology.

Life is never simple.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-130: Wildflower Watch: Signs of Drought

The orderly march of wildflowers is skewed.  Today I saw a patch of Indian blankets growing by the side of the road.  It seems to me that they are usually the last to show up.  There is another one that I am calling a globe amaranth.  It is a red ball at this point in time.  It usually comes later also.

There are also a lot of milkweed showing up.

They say we are in a ten year drought.  It could be that late bloomers are grabbing all the moisture they can.

homo unius libri

Monday, April 18, 2022

Opus 2022-129: In 50 We Trust

Remember the saying, “Don’t trust anyone over 30"?  I remember that at the time I generally felt like I could not trust anyone who would say something like that.  I was not one who fit in well with my generation.  I still don’t.

We have a different application of that idea:  Don’t trust anyone under 50.  Unlike the “over 30 rule” which was simple ignorance, the “over 50" is based on solid facts.  I am not actually sure that the right number is 50 but it will do.  The age might be different in various professions but the principle is the same.

I am reflecting on the corrosive results of affirmative action.  As everything that liberals pass it is based on a combination of bait and switch with Lucy holding the football.  When the laws were first passed involving what became affirmative action I understand that it was clearly stated that is was not to become a quota system.  Guess what.  It became a quota system.  

How does this apply to not trusting?  I think I shared it before but let me relate an experience from about eight years ago.  My daughter was staying with us to help care for her mother after surgery.  She drove herself so hard that she collapsed.  We called 911 and followed to the hospital.  In the emergency room the doctor caring for her was black.  Since he was also an older man I had no reason to worry.  If he had been just out of medical school I might have tried to get her to another hospital.  

Follow my logic.  A black doctor who went to medical school before affirmative action had to be well above average to overcome the discrimination he faced.  The odds were that he was overqualified to care for my daughter because of the discipline and ability it took to get through.  Now picture the way in which schools are now lowering their standards based on ethnic categories.  There is a good chance that a young black doctor might not even be able to read and write.  

I saw this kind of thing in education.  Older women and minorities were top notch.  The younger ones tended to be the kind who said “you know” in every sentence.  

So I repeat:  Don’t trust anyone under 50.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-128: Headlines: A New Solution to the Refugee Problem

We are not the only country having a problem with immigration but Americans tend to be very self centered so we don’t realize there are people fleeing all over the world.  I was interested in a link on The Daily Wire that brought up a response being proposed in England.

It seems that Great Britain has worked out a deal with Rwanda.  Illegal immigrants will be sent to Rwanda along with some payments to help their adjustments.  There was a lot of information left out but I think the idea was to make them settle permanently in that African country.  I would have serious questions about the choice of Rwanda.  Do the terms Hutu and Tutsi ring any bells?  They are the two main tribes in Rwanda and had been killing each other at least as far back as 1952.  That eventually led to what is called the Rwanda Genocide in 1994.  We are talking about 800,000 deaths and millions of refugees.  I am hoping that things have settled down to make it safe for the people Great Britain wants to deport.  

Is this something that would work for us?  We are spending uncounted billions in supporting all the illegals that are swamping our safety nets.  Is there a country somewhere in the world that would open its borders to these people if we sweetened the pot a little?  Maybe we could help them resettle in the Vatican.

It also makes me wonder if there are countries that would benefit by the influx of some of these refugees.  That is an honest question that would like an honest answer but doesn’t expect to get one.  I personally don’t see this movement of people working.  We can only hope.  They seem to have none.

homo unius libri

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Opus 2022-127: On the Street: Some Things Never change

I was sitting in a fast food joint, killing time, reading, thinking.  People were coming and going.  It is all just background noise until suddenly cutting through the mind numb I heard, “Did you wash your hands?”

Ah, parents.  They never change.  In the midst of the economy collapsing and the deep state trying to drag us into war there is still the parent giving their offspring The Eye and asking The Question.

So much to smile about.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-126: Grave Concerns

I am getting old.  I can feel it.  At times it is because I can’t feel it.  My reflexes are slower.  My grip is on vacation, either that or they are putting the pickle jar lids on tighter.  There are a lot of great words out there but I can’t remember what they are.  I am starting to think highly of slip on shoes.

What a great time to be alive and it gets even better if you stop and think about what Easter is all about.  Let me give you a clue, it isn’t bunnies.  Need another one?  It isn’t about new clothes or egg hunts.  It is about an empty grave and why it was empty.

I see so much to be depressed about in the world around me.  I was born in California and have a weekly zoom call with guys who have not escaped yet.  I look at the judicial system that is letting violent criminals out with little or no bail while locking up first time misdemeanor “criminals” for a year with no trial.  You know the litany.  You live it every day.  I hear and see it.  Why bother getting up?  Well, at my age it is to go to the bathroom.  What is your excuse?

I see much to be depressed about, true, but I am not depressed.  When I walk in the morning I am grateful for the creation that surrounds me.  I have a sore finger.  I have nine more that are just fine.  My time on earth is limited but I have a lack of what you could call “grave concerns.”  My pacemaker is working fine but in a very real sense it doesn’t matter because even if it fails I know there will be another chapter.  As the Apostle Paul said,

(1Co 15:55 KJV)  O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?
I trust you can join me and take a momentary break from the pity party and rejoice in the assurance of the resurrection.  Maybe you are one of those who still thinks of it as “the hope”.  Well and good but if that means you are hoping in desperation then you need to get on board and trade your hope in for assurance.  

Read the end of the book.  Find out who wins if you don’t know already.  Today we celebrate.  Victory is already established.

homo unius libri

Friday, April 15, 2022

Opus 2022-125: Not a Party Guy

As I watch the expanding tyranny manipulating our judicial system I wonder what I would have done on January 6 if I had seen a policeman holding open a door at the capital.  Would I have walked in?


The reason I would not have walked in is not a reflection on those who did.  It is an awareness that I am not a party guy.  I would not have been there.  Most of the people who throng to events like the crowd coming to cheer Donald Trump are the kind of people who start a wave at a baseball game.  They are the ones doing karaoke at the local watering hole.  They are the ones waving their hands and running the aisles at church.  

I am the guy who can enjoy others attempts at being wild and crazy but not if I am too confined.  I am not a party guy.  I am not up in front leading in John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.  I am sitting over in a corner quietly smiling at the antics or outside looking dubiously through the door.  If you put me in charge of the three year olds I can do a rousing rendition of Father Abraham but don’t ask me to do it at my college reunion.

I can enjoy a seat near the front but not if it is crowded.  When I go to a church service that might be full I will not try for front and center.  I will find a place in the balcony where I can have an empty seat on both sides of me.  

The issue is not my recluse personality.  It is bigger than me.  The issue is the guarantees in the Bill of Rights and the current abuse of those rights by the ruling gestapo made up of politicians, police officers and judges.  What we are seeing is a political witch hunt with a specific purpose of shutting down dissent and freedom of speech.

Resist and speak up.  The time for such liberty is getting short.

homo unius libri

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Opus 2022-124: Upward or Downward?

I have just begun reading an article at Survival Blog on home defense.  I still do not know if I will finish.  That is double true since I stopped to do some writing.  What made me stop was a statement:

“Your community’s Demographics – How is it changing? Is the socio-economic population shifting upward or downward?”
I found myself wondering if a neighborhood ever “shifted upward”?  I have lived in Southern California, around Boston and outside Kansas City before moving to Texas.  I have yet to see an area that improved.  Even here in the Hill Country of Texas it seems like things are going down hill.  That is based on the Daniel Boone (or was it Davy Crockett?) feeling that things were getting too crowded when the neighbors got within a few miles.  

I don’t see any improvement happening in the U.S. in the immediate future.  The federal government is doing everything it can to force people into compressed communities and make the choice of environment into a hate crime.  Low level housing is being required in new housing complexes.  Vagrancy laws are being thrown out.  Homeless camps seem to be popping up everywhere.  Pooping also seems to be popping.

Keep in mind that most of the people making decisions on things like zoning and emissions tend to be wealthy enough to live in gated communities and have accountants deal with the daily cost of living.

That might be a good question for people running for office:  Do you write your own checks and pay your own bills?

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-123: Wildflower Watch: Glorious Green

I know that trees are not wildflowers but the mesquites of Texas can make you look a second time.  I am referring to the green of spring that is popping out.  I don’t know if I just get used to it or it fades a bit but the first explosion of leaves seems to have a special wake up call.

Open your eyes and enjoy the season.  I would imagine even people trapped in large cities have access to a few trees.

homo unius libri

Monday, April 11, 2022

Opus 2022-122: Danger, Gurus Ahead

We need to beware of gurus.

I am not sure that all gurus set out to become gurus.  It often happens gradually.  They might not even be aware of their status.  It is possible in our interpersonal relationships that most of us become gurus to at least one person.  

My current dangers are Jordan Peterson, Eric Metaxas and Charlie Kirk.  They show up on my search lists.  They have a lot to say and much of what they say makes sense.  So I listen.  I hope I always listen with my brain engaged.  Part of listening is relating what you hear to what you already know, or think you know.

I think it helps to have a baseline for what we believe to be true.  For me that happens to be the Bible.  When I hear something that makes me squirm and feel uncomfortable I need to think about it in light of what I already know.  It is possible that they are poking their finger into an area that I have been afraid to visit or just have not thought about.  That can be exciting, depressing or just informative.

Gurus may change your thinking but it should not happen over night.  If you find yourself going through an instant change be careful.  If you think about it you might find that your thinking has been in flux for quite awhile and this is just the final stage.  That is well and good.  You might also find that you have been manipulated.  If so stand strong.

Growth happens.  Gurus can be a part of that.  Never turn your mind off.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-121: Welcome to the Party

I just saw a meme that called on us to boycott Disney and all products.  When I got done scratching my head I said to myself, “I have been doing that for years.”  

Welcome to the land of nonmake-believe.  If you go back and review all the Disney movies you have seen you will find aspects of many that are anchored in the dark side.  Even Dumbo had the segment called “Elephants on Parade” where a drunk mouse has visions of morphing pachyderms that gave my son nightmares.  If you went to Disneyland you would find the same thing on many of their rides.  When I was still in denial I went on a ride that had been “redone” and noticed that the presence of darkness and evil was more obvious than before the “improvement.”

What you are seeing now is just becoming obvious because when you let evil prosper in the small things it grows to be the big things.  I am sure that many of you have tried to grow things like cantaloupe and watermelon.  If you have I am sure that you have picked up what looked like a delicious choice for dinner only to find it hallowed out and full of insects.

Welcome to the real Fantasyland.

homo unius libri

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Opus 2022-120: Progress in Education

When I was in college I used to pull all nighters.  Remember those?  It always amazed me how much I could cram into my head at the last minute.  Maybe you were one of those misfits that kept on top of your studies.  I am afraid that was never true of me.

I finished college and took some graduate classes as I waited to be called by my draft board for an exchange class in Vietnam.  After my jungle experience I ended up spending three years in seminary.  I was a little better at studying and having a hard time staying up all night.  Eventually  I left the ministry and went back to school to get the classes for a teaching degree.  At that point I would go to bed at my regular time.  All nighters were a thing of the past, the far past.  

Why?  I would like to think it was because I was smarter but it does not usually work that way.  There were two major reasons.

One, I was too old to stay up all night.  Part of that was more of a willingness to get by with passing grades.  Part of it was an awareness that I would probably pass.

Two, the competition was not near as sharp.  One of the sad realities of educational life is that they can’t make it too hard or no one will pass.  I remember reading about high school students in the 19th century knowing Greek and Latin.  Now we have conversational Spanish which is mostly making costumes for the Day of the Dead and cooking Mexican dishes.  Additionally, the sharper students had gone into fields that paid more.

I have this feeling, just a feeling, that I could go back to college at this point and graduate without cracking a book or accessing a program.  I could be wrong.  I could be right.

I don’t ever plan to find out.

homo unius libri

Friday, April 8, 2022

Opus 2022-119: Hard Lines

I caught Jordan Peterson in a question and answer time at Caius College in England.  The more I listen to Peterson the more aware I am that not only is he a genius but he is a genius with some holes in his background.  That does not mean we ignore him, just listen with discernment.  In the follow up at Caius College he was responding to a question and relating it to some of the suffering his daughter went through.  He was commenting on how hard it is to be a parent when your child is suffering.  It is often a hard balance between coddling and forcing to grow up.

He said something that I thought was good.  I am paraphrasing but I think I got the points:

Keep in mind the distinction between “you must in spite of this” and “you can’t because of this”

As I said, it is often a hard distinction.  It is also a good point for us to think on.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-118: Wildflower Watch: Indian Paint Brush

Yesterday I saw the first Indian paint brush.  I even saw one in my own yard which is unusual.  Today they seemed to be popping up all over.

My memory tells me the Indian paint brush comes later but who am I to say.  We have flowers almost everywhere but they are spread out.  It doesn’t look like it is going to be a good year.  Of course it beats living in California.

homo unius libri

Monday, April 4, 2022

Opus 2022-117: Whom Should Vote?

More and more I am convinced that the right to vote should be limited.

People who wear a mask while driving alone in their car with the windows up should not be allowed to influence the direction of the country.  People who allow their children to sit in a class with fully made up transvestites putting on a show should not be informed we are having an election.  I question whether people who are impressed by a package of lemon drops advertising itself as a “fat free food” or people who buy a rice product because it is “gluten free” should be allowed out of the house without a minder.  My wife has been known to mumble something about how women should not have the right to vote, but I can’t comment on that myself.

Historically there have been limits on voting.  In ancient Athens, slaves could not vote.  Political offices in Rome were asset based.  In many countries that embraced a democratic form of government you were not allowed to vote if you did not have a certain net worth or income.  It was assumed to have a voice you needed to have skin in the game.  Picture a society where over half the people pay no taxes.  Will they vote for a tax increase so they can get some benefit, say a new library?  You betcha.  In a heartbeat.  They do it because they assume someone else will pay for it.  I am not sure you can blame them.

I would say that IQ might be a way to decide but many people with high intelligence have no common sense.  I don’t think that renters should be able to vote on property tax increases.  There are probably other requirements or standards that could be invoked.  It is a conversation that would be useful.  

As a practical matter, in spite of what I am saying,  I would probably be really reluctant to implement such limitations.  My reason would not be that they are unimportant but that I understand the problem of precedent and the question of who makes the rules.  Who will decide if I am mentally deficient or cognitively challenged?  Will it be the same people who are fact checkers on Twitter and Facebook?  Eventually.  That is the only thing that keeps me from pushing the idea harder.

Maybe we can find a way.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-116: Polls

Another thought on the sky high approval ratings of Joe Biden.  They are sky high compared to where they should be.  There is no way they are believable because anyone who is dumb enough to approve of this excuse for an executive would also be too dumb to click a button on a survey.  I think of the cartoon showing a child trying to push through the door to a school for the gifted.  The problem is that the door has a sign saying pull.  Thus the numbers are total fantasy, but that is pretty much true of most of what we read.

I think I will spend more time with my Bible.  There may be parts I don’t understand but at least I know what I read is true.

homo unius libri

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Opus 2022-115: Book Review: Is Atheism Dead?

I just finished reading Is Atheism Dead? by Eric Metaxas.  I would recommend it for most readers.

The general hypothesis that he is presenting is that honest inquiry has all been pointing toward the existence of God and away from materialistic atheism.  He addresses this in three areas.  First, he looks at the scientific research of the last 50 years.  Second, he looks at archeology.  Third, he gets into the logic and philosophy of science.

The science section is powerful.  If you are not familiar with the Fine Tuning of the Universe, this is a very important read for you.  What he says is not really new.  I have been coming across bits and pieces of this for years.  I read The Fingerprint of God written by Hugh Ross in 1989.  He comes at it from the point of view of an astronomer and astrophysicist.  

I think the next point I hit was Expelled:  No Intelligence Allowed, a documentary by Ben Stein in 2008. The high point in that was when he had a live interview with Richard Dawkins and all he could come up with for the cause of intelligent life was “crystals”.  

Then about ten years ago I was listening to the podcasts of William Lane Craig as I walked.  He talked about the fine tuning of the universe.  In one lecture he said science was showing that the entire universe seemed to be put together to make advanced life possible on earth.  He said there might be some kind of very low life somewhere but nothing intelligent.  At Reasonable Faith it says there are 290 results for a search on the topic.  I am not going to wade through them to find what I listened to.

After science Metaxas reviews the discoveries of archeology.  Some I had heard before but the discovery of the actual location of Sodom was the most interesting.  By using what the Bible said a modern archeologist changed the entire search parameters and found an actual, undisturbed site that had all the characteristics of a cataclysmic destruction.  This has happened frequently as archeologists get serious.

The most surprising bit of information for me was the statement that “scholars” questioned the existence of King David.  It started with a discovery.

“Three years later it happened again.  Another Times article, this one on the front page, said Israeli archaeologists had discovered a stele bearing the first reference outside the Bible to King David and the dynasty he founded, ‘the House of David.’”
Then the statement that I was not expecting.
“But the discovery of archaeological evidence for the Bible’s King David was genuinely earth-shaking news, since many scholars thought King David was a mythical figure like King Arthur.” p. 121
I had not been aware that there were people so full of hate for the Bible that they rejected the existence of David.  Keep in mind that such a view also would negate Solomon and all the the Bible verses talking about the line of David.  It would be important to make David a myth if you wanted to make Jesus a myth.  Score one for the Bible

The last section dealt with the logic and use of reason in science and how it also reinforces the rejection of atheistic materialism.  One of the big arguments of anti-God scientists is that religion is not based on reasoning and facts but on faith.  By some twisted rational they assert that the two cannot go together.  He then proceeds to look at things like atomic theory that largely developed on nothing but guess work and imagination.  Towards the end he deals with some of the distortions of history about Galileo and Copernicus being at war with the church.  A must read is the chapter entitled “Christianity Begat Science.”  It is an point that has been around for a good while but you may not have come across it.

If I have a problem with this book it is the absence of an index.  Metaxas does footnote, which is helpful but if I am going to use this as a resource I want to be able to find specific topics.  I read a library copy but I think there is enough detail in it that I will buy a copy for reference.  It brings a lot together in an easy to read style.

Metaxas, Eric.  Is Atheism Dead?.  Washington, D.C.:  Salem Books, 2021.

homo unius libri

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Opus 2022-114: Headlines: We May Be Forced to Cancel Easter

Just when you think things can get no worse you see a headline like the one at The Daily Wire:

“Easter Is The Latest Holiday Hit By Inflation; Candy Prices Surge, Supply Shortages Abound”
On the positive side it may save the lives of a few chicks and keep the blood sugar down on a lot of Americans.  I consider it my patriotic duty to not buy any chocolate bunnies.  I will leave them for the needy.  It does make you wonder what the disciples would have done two thousand years ago if they had been faced with a lack of colored eggs.

It is a good thing that the resurrection is not influenced the same way as Easter.  Jesus coming out of the grave on the third day is what we celebrate.  I invite you to celebrate also, no extra charge and no shortage of forgiveness.

Full disclosure:  I didn’t read the article and don’t expect you to either.

He is Risen.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-113: Headlines: So Many Potential Causes

So many questions as another relatively young person dies.  The article in The Gateway Pundit says her name is Dr. Cat Pause’.  

“New Zealand: Massey University’s Queer Fat Studies Lecturer and ‘Fatlicious Feminist’ Dies Suddenly in Her Sleep at 42"
The article says nothing anywhere about the cause of death.  Based on the picture it could have been caused by complications of obesity.  Based on my litmus test I would also assume that she is one of those who was fully vaccinated so we have another possible cause.  We will probably never know more as a general population because for most of us Dr. Pause’ is far off our radar.

I am always a bit amused at some people who call themselves Doctor.  Think of the president’s wife.  Many people think she is an MD and I think she encourages that.  What most people don’t know is that there a a level of doctoral degrees that are far below MD and Ph.D.  Many people even have honorary doctorates that reflect no necessary qualification other than friends in the academic community.  When we consider Dr. Pause’ and her area of expertise, I have questions.
“Cat Pause,  an academic whose research explored the impacts of “fat stigma”, has died.”
Based on the title of the article it wasn’t just “fat stigma” but “Queer fat stigma.”  

42 is too young to die.  Early death is not a surprise though.  Young people tend to think they are immortal.  They get on motorcycles and skateboards and assume the laws of physics don’t apply to them.  They take drugs and drink themselves into a stupor and assume they will be the exceptions.  Or take this young academic who ate herself into extreme obesity and then climbed to the top of the mountain to scream, “Fat is beautiful!”  All very romantic but then she fell off the mountain.  I am not qualified to comment on the aesthetic aspects of obesity.  As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  All that being said, you can’t ignore the science.  Obesity kills.  I believe it was the leading cause of deaths that were attributed to the recent Covid virus.  I know it is well documented that it leads to other life threatening conditions.  It is one thing to advocate a high protein diet.  It is another thing to ignore what you know to be true.

Being paid tax dollars to teach what she was teaching was an even greater travesty.  How many other young people will die because they listened to her personal hangups.  Maybe it is time to shut down our universities or at least the departments that have the word “studies” in their title.

Who knows, it might save lives.

homo unius libri

Monday, March 28, 2022

Opus 2022-112: Headlines: Approval Ratings

I keep seeing click bait that talks about President Biden’s low approval ratings.  I don’t pay much attention but I think the 34% I saw today was the lowest I have noticed.  My question is, “Who are these 34% and what are they smoking?”  Where is Romney’s 47% when you need them?

This is not original with me.  I have been asking it a long time but I have also noticed it coming up in various memes.  

Assume that it is an accurate number.  Just what has he done, other than registering as a Democrat that could get their approval?  I imagine there might be some little thing but I can’t remember it because the total dedication to destroying America drowns it all out.

I also get introspective.  Am I guilty of this same blindness is areas of my life?  I am sure that is true but I have a hard time believing my ignorance could be this all embracing.  Maybe he feels the same way but I am not telling the world to take out Putin.

I pray that we can make it to January without war internationally or insurrection domestically.  It isn’t enough to make it to November and win elections.  We then have to wait until the new congress is inaugurated.  Keep in mind the Triple Flush we are facing.  If Biden is replaced it will be with Harris.  If Harris is replaced it will be with Pelosi.  In the wings we have this new nominee for the Supreme Court who doesn’t seem to know what a woman is and thinks child porn is cool.  It is a good thing we are not playing baseball.  We need more than three strikes.

homo unius libri

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Opus 2022-111: The Right Combination

I am not a fan of the change back and forth of an hour.  I am a fan of the longer days.  It isn’t that I don’t like evening and night.  What I am looking forward to is the time when the mornings are warm enough for me to sit on the front porch with my coffee and guitar and watch the sun rise.  Some are mediocre.  Others are awesome.

Right now there are some days when the porch is great in the middle of the day and evening but morning is still too cold to enjoy.  Of course the days will eventually come when it is too hot to sit outside even before the sun comes up.  I treasure the days that put it all together.

Enjoy spring, it won’t be around very long.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-110: Critical Mass: Sodom Quotient

Recently I read in an Eric Metaxas’ book about the real location of Sodom being found.  Part of the description dealt with conditions that would be created by something like a nuclear explosion.  That got me to thinking about our country.

Every time I think of Sodom being destroyed I think about the conditions that caused it.  One of the most blatant was sexual sin, specifically homosexuality.  I then think about how the city would have been spared if Abraham could have produced a few righteous individuals in the city.  I think it would only have required ten out of a city that could have been over 100,000.

I then start thinking about conditions in the United States.  I am reminded of the words of Ruth Graham in 1965,

"If God doesn't soon bring judgment upon America, He'll have to go back and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!"
That was in 1965.  The top TV program in 1965 was Bonanza.  You had Gomer Pyle, Andy Griffith and even Lassie was still on.  Donna Reed still had a year to go.  And Ruth Graham thought we were decadent then.  Now we have homosexuality and all the variants being taught in our grade schools.  We have a man dressed like a woman on the staff of our national government.  We have child pornography as a thriving business and people calling for the repeal of the age of consent.  I am sure you could go on.  You live here too.

The United States is not Israel.  We are not God’s chosen people.  Yet we have been blessed for two centuries.  I have a feeling that blessing is coming to an end.  If Abraham were talking to God about us today I wonder what the number would need to be to keep destruction away.

Keep in mind that we don’t need everyone to live a righteous life, just enough.

Be salt.

homo unius libri

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Opus 2022-109: Headlines: White House Trumps Biden

I don’t know about you but I find this scary.  According to the Gateway Pundit, Joe Biden told troops they were going to Ukraine and “the White House” refuted that statement.  It is scary enough that we would be considering sending troops into a conflict that does not concern us.  What is really terrifying is that a spokesman for the White House says it ain’t so.  

Who is running this country?  It would be funny if it were just the department of education tripping over its own feet but we are talking about the leader of the free world being corrected by a flunky.  Are people in the military bound by the Constitution to obey the orders of a “White House Spokes ‘person’?”  

There are times when I am glad I am prayed up and don’t have any family members of draft age.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-108: Basic Beliefs II: The Foundation, part 4 of 4

There are also differences in the nuances of inspiration.  Christians will say the Bible is infallible but will parse that different ways.  The key factor is that it is trustworthy in communicating what God wants us to know about Him and salvation.  Two people will look at something like the Parable of the Prodigal Son and get totally different understanding.  Some will focus on the prodigal, others the older brother.  Many say the father is the center of the story.  Others will feel it makes a difference whether it is a story made up by Jesus to make a point or it actually happened as written.  

I for one prefer the New American Standard Bible.  I do so for several reasons.  First, it is a word for word translation.  The priority is on accuracy at the cost of simplicity.  When I am feeling really testy I will ask who these people are that can correct what God gave us.  Second, it has the best tools for understanding the original languages behind the text.  It uses the Strong’s Numbering System that means anyone can access the Greek and Hebrew.  Third, I have 40 years invested in it and am not looking for something new.  The last is probably the reason I don’t look into some of the newer efforts.

Even with all this there is plenty left unsaid, but Christians look to the Bible as their source of information in spiritual matters.  Ultimately it is the only authoritative source.  

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-107: Basic Beliefs II: The Foundation, part 3 of 4

There are three main reasons for different Bible translations.  The first is having translators that want to put their cultist spin on the book.  You see this in the translation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the verse I quoted in a previous post.  Christians translate I John 1:1 “and the Word was God.”  They say, “and the word was a god.”  One problem with that is the Greek has no indefinite pronoun “a”.  These groups, who are not Christian even though they often act like it, have a belief system that is developed outside the Bible and they are then trying to pervert that book to back up what they say.  Their translations are a waste of time for Christians.

A second reason for different translations is that there are two major groupings of manuscripts.  One group has the most pieces containing writing and is thus called The Majority Text.  These range from just a few lines up to entire books.  The other collection is smaller in number but supporters claim to be generally older.  The Majority Text was used in the King James Version.  As far as I know it is the only one that is based on that grouping today.  Most modern translations also consult the older samples.  Even the New King James fits into the second group according to a friend I have who is a “King James Only” person.  Opinions can get really strong and I am not going to wade into that now.

The third reason is different philosophies of translation.  One method is word-for-word, or as close as can be done (KJV, NASB, RSV).  A second approach is sometimes called dynamic equivalence.  This tries to take the ideas of a passage and put them together in a more modern way (NIV, GNB, The Message).  A third is to simply try to paraphrase with the emphasis on simple vocabulary and contemporary phrases (Living Bible, Cotton Patch Version).

To be concluded...

homo unius libri

Friday, March 25, 2022

Opus 2022-106: Basic Beliefs II: The Foundation, part 2 of 4

Christians believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God.  As I said, the word “inspired” means literally “God breathed”.  The idea is that the Holy Spirit breathed truth into the words.  We don’t know how this was done but we believe God was the guiding hand.  Those who say this are usually referring to the original writings, called autographs.  To be honest, we do not have any of the autographs today.  What we have are copies of copies of copies....  One of the reasons we have different translations of the Bible today is because scholars disagree on how to get to the most accurate understanding of what the originals said.  More on that in the next post.

As you would expect of a document being copied by hand over centuries, the manuscripts we have today have thousands of differences.  Most of them are minor things like misspelling or using the wrong word.  (As an example I just saw that I had “our” instead of “or” and this is possibly the fourth time I have gone over this.)  Misspellings are easy to see if you know how to spell.  I find that even with built-in spell check they get past me after several edits.  As for the wrong word, think in terms of their, there and they’re.  In context this kind of error is easy to spot.  As I understand it there are no differences that call into question any historic doctrine.  Honest scholarship presents no problems but when you have someone who rejects the idea that the Bible is inspired, then the field is wide open for nonsense.  It is like arguing with a cat about how wonderful dogs are.

The problem with the differences is not the differences.  It isn’t the existence of people of other religions writing about the Bible.  If a Hindu is trying to explain what the Bible means then I will listen and keep in mind where he is coming from.  He is probably being honest.  I am not afraid of that because I am not afraid of truth and seeking it.  When the scholar rejects all the major teachings of the Bible yet is trying to act like he is seeking truth as a Christian, we have a problem.

Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God.  If you don’t believe that then where would you get any idea of what a Christian is?

To be continued...

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-105: Basic Beliefs II: The Foundation, part 1 of 4

Where do you start when you talk about what Christians believe?  I suggest that a good place to start is where we get all of the ideas we believe in, the Bible.  

Christians believe that the Bible is the Word of God, the written word, not the Word of John 1:1.   

(Joh 1:1 KJV)  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
That is a theological statement about Jesus.  I will get to that eventually but for starters we need to look at the basic reference work itself.  The Bible is like no other book in the world.  It is like no other book in the Christians library.  It is the place where everything must start.  It is not enough to say that it contains the word.  We believe that it is the word.  Many books are inspiring but the Bible is inspired.  The key word is used one place in the Bible.
(2Ti 3:16 KJV)  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
The Greek phrase is a bit deeper than the English word “inspired”.  It is a compound Greek word which literally means “God breathed.”  Anything less is just human.  It is an important distinction.

To be continued...

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-104: Basic Beliefs II: Introduction

It is time to revisit the topic of Basic Beliefs.

My mind was turned this way as I was in a time of thanksgiving.  I was thinking about my heritage and my grandmother.  How would I label her?  Labels have their uses when they are accurate but we have seen so much of the deconstruction philosophy at work that words are hard to pin down.  She was a Southern California based Democrat out of Texas.  That sounds like a shaky heritage.  It shows how things have changed.  There was a time I would have called her an Evangelical but that has been watered down to being almost meaningless.  I would have said she was born again but I have heard used car salesmen use that term about the jalopies they wanted to sell.  You see the problem.  

She was a person of basic Christian beliefs.  I wrote a series about this starting on December 10, 2010 and ending August 21, 2016.  If you are bored enough you can take a look at them.  I have decided that I am not going to do so until after I have written again, if even then.  If I repeat myself it is because there are certain things that need repeating.  If I take a different approach then I can live with that.  Last time I used the Articles of Faith of my denomination as a framework.  That was valid because I agreed, and still agree, with those Articles, but this time I am going to set my own order.  I may eventually check to see if I missed anything but I don’t see that happening soon.

I would hope that most believers would agree with me, at least as we begin.  I will try to focus on the things we believe that bind us together as genuine Christians.

homo unius libri

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Opus 2022-103: Who Wagged the Dog?

I keep getting the question, “What do you think about the Ukraine situation?”

I guess the best response I could give is that anything I say needs to be considered Fake News.

Really.  I am not sure that we can know anything about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.  Having seen the movie “Wag the Dog” I am not even sure there is a conflict going on.  I would say that we obviously can’t trust the left or the MSM but since they seem to be on both sides of the issue that causes a problem.  Is Putin suddenly a good guy trying to bring down the Deep State or is he trying to position himself in charge of the One World Government?  Is Zelenskyy the hero of the hour or a Fascist thug?  

I used to have what I could call The CTA Standard.  When we had an election I would wait with anticipation the recommendations of the California Teachers’ Association.  I would then vote exactly opposite of their choices.  It worked well.  If we use that standard here we find that George Soros, Mitt Romney and assorted others are backing Zelenskyy.  But then we have Iran and China making deals with Russia.  Life is hard.

Two things are definite.  Wait.  Pray.  When it comes down to it we as individuals are lacking in influence beyond spitting distance.  Look to the principles we live by and act on them.  That will mean voting for the people who are closest to non-crooked.  It will mean speaking up for what is right when no one else will stand and speaking even louder if someone else has stuck their neck out for righteousness.

Blessings.  See you down the road.

homo unius libri

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Opus 2022-102: Wildflower Watch: Blue Is Back

The first bluebonnets are appearing in our yard.  I have not noticed them along the road but I have not been out much lately.

We used to sing a song in elementary school, join in children,

“Spring is here,” said the bumble bee.
“How do you know?” said the old oak tree.
“I just saw a daffodil,
Dancing with a fairy on a windy hill.”
I haven’t seen any daffodils and the fairies that escaped from California are mostly in Austin but seeing the bluebells had me check and, yes, we are now in spring.  That means we are entering wildflower season.

They tell me the lack of rain may cut down on the numbers but there will still be some to enjoy.

homo unius libri

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Opus 2022-101: Cultural Contrasts

Let’s talk about the Holocaust a bit.  To start with you need to understand that a growing segment of the American population either does not know what it was or considers it nothing but Jewish propaganda.  Both of those states of ignorance can be attributed to the Progressives* who control education and the media.  

What we don’t understand is that looking at events like the Holocaust without freaking out is much more typical of history than we understand.  The world population was about 2 billion in 1939.  Depending on whom you asked, between 62 and 78 million people died in World War II.  6 million is the number I have always heard about the Jewish deaths.  While it is significant, it is still only a fraction of the total.  The estimate for world population in 70 AD that I found was 256 million.  According to Josephus, a contemporary historian, the Romans killed 1.1 million Jews when they destroyed Jerusalem in that year.  Historically slaughter and destruction were a common part of life and everyone participated.  

Western culture only looks at things like the Holocaust with horror because we have been insulated by our Christian culture.  What Hitler did has been the norm for civilizations throughout history.  It is not the norm for Christendom.  The Jews who survived the slaughter in 70 AD were sold into slavery.  Compare that to the end of World War II and the occupation of Germany and Japan.  Instead of slaughter the question was, “How do we feed all these people?”  And the question that began to emerge was, “How can we rebuild them?”

One of the concerns we should have is that the world leaders are now rejecting the moderating influence of Christianity.  Paganism is back in style.  You can see the difference locally between the “mostly peaceful” destruction of cities by the BLM and Antifa compared to the violent attempt to destroy democracy with misdemeanor trespass by the January 6 insurrectionists.  

If you are a Christian, start speaking up.  If you are not a believer then you need to start asking yourself which set of values you think should predominate in our country.

*(Liberals, educators, the media, socialists, communists, crony capitalists, elites, Rinos, Democrats, leftists, Never Trumpers, Antifa, BLM, MSM, Deep State, etc.  Synonym for swamp dwellers)

homo unius libri

Monday, March 21, 2022

Opus 2022-100: Cycles

Too many people today are living on the equity of their ancestors.  I would think this is mainly those from working age to mid-life crisis.  Before they go to work, children are in the growth bubble.  They are nurtured and spoon fed to a certain degree.  How this nurturing is done will determine their ability to face the real world when they leave the nest.  The mid-life crisis forces the older group to take a more serious look at the time they have left.

I am reflecting mainly on the children of friends and acquaintances.  My own children are of course Lake Wobegon children, above average.  They look at the world without rose colored glasses.  It is the other “children” I worry about.  The ones I am thinking about have jobs that pay well.  They are not suffering.  They are definitely not going without.  At the same time they seem to think that the party will go on forever.  

When you think about it, my generation is much the same.  I grew up in the Leave It to Beaver years.  I am not criticizing the show.  That was the way my world was.  My family was blue collar but worked hard and kept their head above water.  My three brothers and I never went hungry and always had patches to put on the knees of our non-Levi’s.  I don’t think any of my brothers ever saved a dime.  It was a time of plenty, why would you need to have a nest-egg?

The lock-downs and government tyranny of the Covid manipulation have made some people wake up but the handouts and free money kept the party going for many.  My fear is, as the man said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”  Gas is getting close to double what it was a year ago.  The groceries I buy and thus know the price of are creeping up every time I go to the store.  I am not hearing about a parallel track on my income sources.  I don’t know what people are going to do who have their credit cards to the hilt and are still renting.

The economy goes in cycles.  We are in a down time.  Let us hope that our children make it through and the only scars they have are the ones that taught them to watch their pennies.

homo unius libri

Friday, March 18, 2022

Opus 2022-099: Headlines: Where We Can Get the News

It was a meme.  It was supposed to be a joke.  It is the kind of thing that gives us the real news.

I was scrolling through the memes at Mostly Cajun and came across one that listed speakers at a May conference at the Vatican.  The topic was supposed to health and the soul.  Check out these names that the Vatican thinks have important things to say,

Chelsea Clinton
Anthony Fauci
Deepak Chopra (popular Hindu and New Age guru)
CEO’s of Moderna and Pfizer

I found myself wondering if this was some kind of Fake News from the right.  So I did an internet search and found that it was totally accurate according to the Catholic News Agency.

As for the themes, it had this to say,

“In his remarks at the start of the conference on May 6, Pontifical Council president Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi said that the conference was organized around three themes, which he described as three stars that light up the sky: the body, the soul, and the mind.”
I have a few friends who are devout Catholics.  In case you don’t know any you need to understand that people who are serious about their Catholic faith are as concerned about the leadership and direction of the Catholic church as patriotic Americans are about America.

The rumor is that Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin and Idi Amin were not available for a May conference.

Will this insanity never stop?

homo unius libri

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Opus 2022-098: A Good, Flawed Idea

I recently finished Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas.  About the same time I was watching a video from Prager U with Dennis in discussion with Jordan Peterson.  It was a good combination but I always get a little testy in the way some people interpret the Bible and theology.

The topic came up involving Adam and Eve and the Fall.  Christian Theology teaches sin entered the world at that point and refers to Jesus as the Second Adam because He had victory over sin.  Then they started waxing philosophical.  I can’t remember which one brought up the idea but they agreed that sin did not come from eating the apple.  They claimed that sin already existed in Adam and Eve or they would not have had the ability to disobey God.  

This is the kind of topic I would really enjoy examining over dinner or coffee.  It is not something that can be resolved by two people who are not a part of the Christian family.  They have a point but they miss the point.  One of the aspects of being created in the image of God is the idea of free will.  If you have free will you have the ability to disobey God, to sin.  If you do not have a real choice then you cannot exercise free will.  When I go to a Mexican restaurant I usually don’t have to decide if I am going to over indulge in Cheez-Its.  It isn’t a choice.  Not pigging out on Cheez-Its is not a matter of free will.  There is a difference between ability to sin and the act.  Sin did not become a reality until the action gave birth to it just as I don’t gain weight until I eat those delightful little crackers.

I like both Peterson and Prager.  Both are men of great depth but I have the feeling they can have conversations with normal people like myself without being patronizing or insulting.  I will continue to explore what they have to say but I will continue to refuse to accept what they say as the final word.

That comes from the Bible.

homo unius libri

Opus 2022-097: Thanks Thoughts: Aaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!

If you are old enough you might remember the BC comic strip.  I don’t know if it is still out there.  One of the personalities involved was Willie.  Willie had an aversion to water.  When he came in contact with water he would go streaking across the landscape yelling something like, “Aaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!”.  That is a paraphrase.  I found myself saying the same thing this morning.  His was panic.  Mine was joy.

In my Worship of Thanks I was thinking about salvation and Jesus dying on the cross for my sins.  I was saying, “Thank You, Jesus.”  I was struck by how lame that was.  My thoughts went back to Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ and a few moments of thinking about what the Spotless Lamb of God went through for me was enough to convict me of my shallow conception.  So I said to myself, “Aaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!”

Good Friday is coming.  Soon after we will celebrate the resurrection.  There is much to be thankful for.


homo unius libri

Monday, March 14, 2022

Opus 2022-096: Say That Again

In the third lecture of his Biblical Series Jordan Peterson talks about the necessity of a body and how the lack held back AI development.

“One of the primary reasons that we still don't really have autonomous robots—although, we’re a lot closer to it than we were in the 1960s—is because it turned out that you actually have to have a body before you can think.”
This came to mind as I was looking to throw out some old magazines.  I had looked through them but only read a few articles.  It seemed a waste.  But is it?

I like getting physical magazines.  I like physical books.  I can read on line and the Kindle but it just isn’t the same.  I had not read all of the magazines I received but if it were on line the chances are I would have never even looked at it.  Does this relate to what Peterson was saying?

That makes me wonder how much thinking can be done when the source of information is digital.  How much real contemplation can you invest in a medium that could be altered at any time without notice.  I have posts that I make based on the book of Proverbs.  I write them as part of an ongoing commentary I keep on the book and what I put on line is shown in a different font and a date posted.  Every once in awhile I come across a bit of poor grammar or wrong choice of word and I change it in my files.  It is easy.

Have you ever been in a conversation and you quote something the other person said and their response is either, “I  never said that” or “That is not the word I used”?  Generally you do not have a recording of the conversation but you remember it well.  How do you discuss important issues with people who keep editing their memory?

I think traditional print sources are important.  Word processors are convenient but I still find it helpful to print things out for reference.

homo unius libri

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Opus 2022-095: 613

Have you heard about the 613 Commandments?  Most have heard of the Ten but not the expanded version.  I first heard about them a few years ago after I had graduated from college and seminary, pastored full time for 10 years and part time for 7, raised a family and taught school for 20 years.  Now I am hearing about them more and more.

It is a bit of nonsense perpetuated by people who have too much time on their hands.  To be fair the list comes from Jewish scholars studying the Babylonian Talmud.  The idea is almost 2,000 years old.  It is still nonsense.

Let me give you a couple of examples.  I have a list of the first 86.  In one section it is talking about missionaries who try to convert people to idol worship.  Law 37 says, “Not to love the missionary” and 38, “Not to cease hating the missionary.”  Number 47 says “not to perform ov” which is defined as a medium and 64 says, “Not to attempt to contact the dead.”  There is a difference?  Earlier number 13 says “To love Jews” and then 15 says “Not to hate fellow Jews.”

I may be nit picking but I think a lot of this big number is for theatrical effect rather than teaching truth.  I think that most of the 613 are so obvious that if they had been shared with Abraham, who lived long before the law was given, he would have said, “Well, duh.”  Others would make him wonder what you had been smoking.  The law exists.  For the most part it contains serious moral standards, health advice and guidelines for civil society.  We don’t need to add anything that we think will make it sound impossible to live righteous lives.  

Maybe I am the one who has too much time on my hands.

homo unius libri