Welcome to Varied Expressions of Worship

Welcome to Varied Expressions of Worship

This blog will be written from an orthodox Christian point of view. There may be some topic that is out of bounds, but at present I don't know what it will be. Politics is a part of life. Theology and philosophy are disciplines that we all participate in even if we don't think so. The Bible has a lot to say about economics. How about self defense? Is war ethical? Think of all the things that someone tells you we should not touch and let's give it a try. Everything that is a part of life should be an expression of worship.

Keep it courteous and be kind to those less blessed than you, but by all means don't worry about agreeing. We learn more when we get backed into a corner.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

 Opus 2022-359: Advent Calendar: Day 24, Mid Advents

Behind the door you will find a little Jerusalem surrounded by clouds.  Technically I believe that what most of us call the Christmas season is actually Advent on the church calendar.  The events in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” begin on Christmas and proceed to Epiphany, the coming of the Wise Men.  What Christians look forward to after advent and Christmas is the second coming, or the return of Christ.

The Bible is full of prophecies about the return of Jesus.  It opens a whole raft of things to argue about and involves things like the Tribulation, the Rapture, the New Jerusalem, lakes of fire and all kinds of excitement.  In the midst of it all is the promise that Jesus would return.

The first advent is behind us.  The second advent is ahead of us.  Make sure that you have things in order in between.  Jesus came so you could have eternal life.  When He returns He will put all of that in motion.

See you there.

Merry Christmas

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