Welcome to Varied Expressions of Worship

Welcome to Varied Expressions of Worship

This blog will be written from an orthodox Christian point of view. There may be some topic that is out of bounds, but at present I don't know what it will be. Politics is a part of life. Theology and philosophy are disciplines that we all participate in even if we don't think so. The Bible has a lot to say about economics. How about self defense? Is war ethical? Think of all the things that someone tells you we should not touch and let's give it a try. Everything that is a part of life should be an expression of worship.

Keep it courteous and be kind to those less blessed than you, but by all means don't worry about agreeing. We learn more when we get backed into a corner.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Opus 2020-106: On the Street: The Noose Loosens

In a manner of speaking, Texas is opening up again.  Since I am of the persuasion that there was never any real reason to lock down, it is too little, too late.  But at least it is something.  To celebrate our desire to support the small businesses all over Texas, we went out to breakfast.  We even called and made a reservation so they would know we were coming.

I expected the place to be packed to 25% capacity but it was way short of that.  We had a chance to talk to the waitress.  She has a ten month old that she had been bringing to work with her since they were only doing take out and curb side.  She had been working with no salary, only tips while the government employees kept getting their checks.

It was an interesting discussion.  Since she and most of the staff are German emigrants they have not been eligible for any of the government hand outs.  She was not sure that they would be able to make it over the hump but they were going to give it a try.  She said that during the shut down the city health department people spent a lot of time hanging around outside looking for violations.  The little people with dictatorial power are really feeling their oats.

It is going to be a good chance to see whom we want to support in the future.  My wife and daughter went to an Italian place before the big opening and asked if they would be opening when they could.  They seemed horrified at the idea and didn’t even want people waiting inside for their take out.  It was a place they would drive across town to get to before.  It is now on their “never again” list.

I normally don’t go out much but now that things are loosening up I may go out to see who is open and spread around a little money.  It is past time to grow up and get past the panic.

homo unius libri


  1. Nothing like a little "dempanic" to bring out people's true colors.

  2. Amen to that. My wife and I go out frequently, can't dine in but we do eat in the parking lot. Fine dining at its best.

    1. You need a Hummer so you can social distance inside.

      Grace and peace


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