Welcome to Varied Expressions of Worship

Welcome to Varied Expressions of Worship

This blog will be written from an orthodox Christian point of view. There may be some topic that is out of bounds, but at present I don't know what it will be. Politics is a part of life. Theology and philosophy are disciplines that we all participate in even if we don't think so. The Bible has a lot to say about economics. How about self defense? Is war ethical? Think of all the things that someone tells you we should not touch and let's give it a try. Everything that is a part of life should be an expression of worship.

Keep it courteous and be kind to those less blessed than you, but by all means don't worry about agreeing. We learn more when we get backed into a corner.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Opus 2013-229: Firsts: Hand Ground Coffee

I am on vacation.  I am open to trying new things.  I have time to try new things.  At my daughter’s house I have a blade coffee grinder, or at least I am told it is there.  Every time I try to ask about it I get a run-around.  At my son’s house I started the trip with frozen, year old, ground, flavored coffee.  I am not a coffee connoisseur but I tell people I can tell really bad coffee.  This was really, really bad coffee. 

Since he doesn’t have a grinder I went a local shop, bought some beans from Papua New Guinea and had them grind them for me.  But I still wanted to grind my own.  I was not willing to invest in another burr grinder like I have at home so I looked into inexpensive hand crank jobs. 

I got this little contraption that will grind enough for two cups of coffee.  I need to do enough for three cups and that gives me enough to make a good sized mug. 

I have never hand ground my coffee before.  I have experimented with the coarseness of the grind.  If you set it too coarse the flavor is weak.  If you make it like powder it comes out too bitter.  Finally I reached my baby bear level and it is coming out as I want it.

It takes about the same amount of time to grind as it does to bring the water to a boil in the microwave.  Works for me, at least on vacation.  And I can store it away so if we have a power failure I can still grind coffee.

Now the search for the perfect bean. 

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