Welcome to Varied Expressions of Worship

Welcome to Varied Expressions of Worship

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Opus 2013-96: Tax Dollars at Work: It’s for the Children

Today when I arrived at school there was a sign posted on the door that said something to the effect of “This door is locked and cannot be used because of a bee problem in this area.  Use the door around the corner.”  Not the exact words, but close enough to give you the idea. 

I almost started around for the other door but asked myself, “Can I believe anything I see at this school?”  The answer was obvious, so I tried the door and sure enough, it was unlocked.  I entered, as usual, and when I saw one of the security people, I mentioned that the sign was still up.  She said it was still in effect.  The bees were still there.  We were not supposed to use that door. 

We have been barred from that door now for three days.  Take a moment and think about this.  We have children at this school who have an allergy to bee stings.  In some cases it can be a deadly allergy.  We know this.  We are responsible for their safety.  As I came in there were children sitting on the benches outside the door.  Why does it take three days, and counting, to get someone out to deal with a bee problem?  Isn’t it all for the children?

I can see a couple of possible reasons for the delay.  One might be that the district is so bad at paying its vendors that no one is willing to come.  That is one reason I don’t volunteer for any of the extra work they offer around here.  People who must make a living are not willing to drop work that pays to come to deal with people who bog you down with forms and authorizations. 

A second reason might be that the union agreements require this to be dealt with by district personnel who are specially tasked with extermination.  I have seen where a painter will come out to deal with a work order and won’t do something right next to it because it isn’t on the form.  That requires a separate work order.  For them to come requires forms, authorizations and signatures.  And don’t forget the coffee breaks. 

What if a student is stung?  If I get stung, I shake it off and get on with life.  I probably would not even think of suing the school for negligence.  I have no allergy, but for some of these kids it is a matter of life and death. 

If it is for the children, where are the exterminators?

Your tax dollars are working hard.

homo unius libri

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